Thank You East Bay Mini-Maker Fair

Stacking at East Bay Mini-Maker was a huge success.   Many of tall stacks were built, and toppled.  Alot of first time stackers were able to get out there and have a go at it.  A big thank you goes out to everyone who made this possible,  Dodger and Julian who helped haul the crates and set up the base plate, Adriana,  Ryan, Gaspo who helped belay and check safety harness, Pat, Skyelar and Rowen for handing up crates to climbers and Meredith and Aj for being belays and MC’s.  Thanks Make and Studio One for for hosting.  And thanks to all of our brave  crate stackers, who kept it fun and safe.  I hope we can do this again sometime.  And send in pictures of your best stack.

Welcome note

 After having allot of fun hosting a few crate small stacking events here in Oakland California, I was inspired to put together this website.  It is my intention for this space to become a forum to meet other crate stacking enthusiasts,  share stacking tips, videos, post impressive stacks,and find out about crate stacking events.